Join a Bible-believing church

Someone once said that faith does not thrive in solitude. Now that you’re born again, it’s important to join a Bible  believing church for your spiritual growth. Remember that once you commit to following Christ, the devil becomes an enemy and will want to dissuade you from your course as much as possible. It’s his desire to take with him to hell as many as he can. The one strategy that wild animals use to catch prey is to separate the prey. They know that as long as the other animals are in a group, attacking them will be difficult. So, they single out one of them, preferably a young one or a weak one, and do their best to separate it from the rest. Once alone, the hunters do their best to drive it further and further away from the rest until they close in on it.

The devil uses the same strategy, he knows that as long as you are in a group, you’re somehow safe. They’ll always be a prayer that covers you, they’ll always be a word that strengthens you, they’ll always be a shoulder for you to lean on. He will try and make you think that you are above church, that church is cheesy, that you’re better than those people; or that no one cares or that you don’t fit in. When you finally fall in his trap, he will make sure he cunningly lures you further and further away from truth-carriers and into the realms of doubt and despair. There, he devours your faith and renders it obsolete.

Sure, church has its pros and cons. At times the people will appear cold and unfriendly, others will feel too much in your face. Remember that just like yourself, church is made up of imperfect people who are struggling with one thing or another. They have different personalities with some too good to be true, and with others that leave you wondering how they’re a Christian in the first place. But amidst all that mess are walls that shelter you. It’s one of those annoying people in church who might say the prayer which strengthens you – even if you’ll not know it. It’s one of those happy-go-lucky women whose smile will give you the grace to live one more day – though again, you might never realize it. It’s one of those seemingly rigid men whose confidence gives you the courage to take one more step.

Ensure that the church is a Bible believing church that preaches Christ and His redemption, and also commit yourself to attend regularly. “And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near” (Hebrews 10:25).

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