Lessons from the story of Noah (Genesis 6 – 9)

What does it mean to be righteous? Blameless? Walk with God? Read also John 15:6-7

In those days, the world was filled with violence and the ways of man was corrupt… but Noah found favor with God. What do you feel the status of the world is today, how does it compare to those days of Noah? If God decided to destroy the earth today, would you find favor in His eyes?

When Noah started to build the ark as God commanded him, how do you think the situation was around him, what did the people say, what do you think it looked like?

Noah did everything the Lord commanded despite how awkward it may have seemed. Think of something that God might ask you to do today that may seem out of place, and imagine the challenges that you would face.

What lessons can we learn from the incident in 9:20-28? How did the three sons react to their father’s nakedness and what was the consequence of each? Let’s put it in our context today.

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