Life is Unfair: Lessons from Genesis

The Story of Joseph: Part 1

Read Genesis 37 and 39

Why did Jacob love Joseph more than his other children? How did he showcase his love to him? Genesis 37: 3 – 4


How did his brothers feel about it and were they justified?


What Jacob right to show favoritism?


How would you feel if your parents loved and favored one of your other siblings more than you?


Read about the context of Joseph’s dreams in Genesis 37: 5 – 11 and note how they are translated. What does that tell you about some of the dreams we have?


What did the brothers later do to Joseph and why? Genesis 37: 12 -36


Joseph is now a slave/servant in Egypt (Chapter 39). His master’s wife saw that he was handsome and desired him. Most likely, he could have gotten away with having an affair with her, why did he turn down the offer? See vs 9


How did he respond to the temptation/advances? See vs 12


Many times we like to make excuses for our sins. When we are tempted and fail, we tend to blame the tempter – we call failing a weakness. But what do we learn from Joseph’s response and how can we apply it in our lives?


What happened to Joseph after the whole drama? Vs 19 – 20


Does doing the right thing always end up well?


What have you learned from this story so far?

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