Random Opportunities? Lessons from Genesis

Lessons from the Story of Joseph Part 2 (Genesis 40 – 41)

What was the reason for Joseph’s confidence (that he could the interpretation of the dreams) in Genesis 40:8?

Would you have the same confidence if you were in Joseph’s shoes? Why?

What was going on with Joseph in Genesis 40:14 – 15? What does that tell you about Joseph?

Will those you help always remember you? See Genesis 40: 23

Two more years passed and Pharaoh coincidentally had a dream. What then happens in Genesis 41:8 – 13?

In Genesis 41:16, Joseph doesn’t claim any strength/skill for himself, instead, he credits God. Do we usually do that? How often do we acknowledge God in our abilities/knowledge?

What can we learn/copy from what Joseph does in Genesis 41:33 – 36?

What happens in Genesis 41:37 – 45? If Joseph had remained with his family back in Canaan, and his brothers would not have sold him, do you think he, a foreigner, would have gained such a position in Egypt?  What lesson can we learn from this?

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