Random Opportunities? Lessons from Genesis

Lessons from the Story of Joseph Part 2 (Genesis 40 – 41) What was the reason for Joseph’s confidence (that he could the interpretation of the dreams) in Genesis 40:8? Would you have the same confidence if you were in Joseph’s shoes? Why? What was going on with Joseph in Genesis 40:14 – 15? What does that … Continue reading Random Opportunities? Lessons from Genesis

Life is Unfair: Lessons from Genesis

The Story of Joseph: Part 1 Read Genesis 37 and 39 Why did Jacob love Joseph more than his other children? How did he showcase his love to him? Genesis 37: 3 - 4   How did his brothers feel about it and were they justified?   What Jacob right to show favoritism?   How … Continue reading Life is Unfair: Lessons from Genesis

God’s Promise to Abraham

The promise to Abraham [Genesis chapter 15:1 to 18:15] We'll visit the story of Abraham, the father of faith, to see what we can learn from him, and how we can apply those lessons in our personal lives. Our study today will involve various scripture passages. Click here to read. Then answer the following questions. Who … Continue reading God’s Promise to Abraham