Commit to Personal Bible study

The bible can be quite intimidating to many believers, both new and seasoned. Its sheer size is enough to put anyone off, its age-old stories and sometimes cultural-specific instructions can lead us to question its relevance and applicability to our modern lives. But the Bible is more than stories and more than a list of … Continue reading Commit to Personal Bible study

Fellowship with other believers

Church is good, very good, but it’s not enough. Many new believers, and older believers as well, expect to find all they need for their spiritual growth in church, but church only waters what is already growing. There’s still need for pruning and sunlight and more. Whether it’s in a bible study group, women’s group, … Continue reading Fellowship with other believers

Join a Bible-believing church

Someone once said that faith does not thrive in solitude. Now that you're born again, it's important to join a Bible  believing church for your spiritual growth. Remember that once you commit to following Christ, the devil becomes an enemy and will want to dissuade you from your course as much as possible. It’s his desire … Continue reading Join a Bible-believing church

How Did I Get Here?

We all come to Christ from different places and for different reasons. Some of us grew up in Christian families and strayed off the path for a while, then later came back to the faith. Others are from completely different backgrounds such as atheism and other religions. Our reasons are also just as varied – … Continue reading How Did I Get Here?